Comfort and quality

A “Gelderland” couch; many Dutch generations have been raised “on” a  Gelderland couch. Gelderland, established in 1935, has a rich history. Charmed by Scandinavian design, modern and square design was introduced at a very early stage in the history of Gelderland. Moreover, this was the foundation for the principle which is still applicable today, being durability and comfort.


The high-quality materials used in all products have always been the determining factors for living pleasure; factors for you to count on when buying a durable Gelderland product. The frame is manufactured from solid beech wood with a guarantee of 20 years. The filling is composed of durable polyether and cold foam / high resilient products; each with a carefully selected support in order to ensure optimal sitting comfort and ease. In order to further comply with individual requirements, a number of models can be manufactured with "legs” adjustable in height. The extensive collection of furniture fabrics and leather are meticulously selected on appearance, design and quality level. All furniture is provided with the specific Gelderland cover system, ensuring that cleaning and even exchange of the covers is possible.