6401 Woody

Design Bart Vos

The new 6401 armchair is a contemporary version of the smokers chair. Designer Bart Vos explains, ‘It is a piece of jewellery that fits into any interior. My design is typical Gelderland: simple and functional. It is an armchair that only gets more attractive with age. It is equally as beautiful in fabric as in leather and conforms to the shape of its owner like an old leather jacket. The walnut armrests add warmth to the design. Rounded in shape, they fit perfectly into the palm of your hand and age stylishly over the years. The frame forms an elegant counterpart to the firm, thick cushions. The curved legs are reminiscent of insect legs.’  

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  • hardwood beech frame, steel spring suspension (zig-zag), high-quality polyurethane foam wrapped in a blend of comforel and foam bars
  • metal frame, epoxy black
  • frame provoded with velt discs
  • armrests either walnut or European oak, matt laquered
  • armrests walnut, matt lacquered
  • armrests European oak, matt lacquered



W 76 x D 99 x H 73 cm SH 46 SD 58,5