7640 the Rits

Designed by Bertjan Pot

The sofa, nick-named the Rits (Dutch for zipper which is very dominantly present) is a basic design without any frills. The designer Bertjan Pot challenged Gelderland to see whether it could be done: come up with a sofa that is as thin as possible but still feels comfortable to sit on. Many sofas are giant blocks of foam. The 7640 creates comfort differently: a double layer of webbing and a thin layer of foam. The couch stands relatively high on its legs so that you do not sink into as forcefully and can get back up with ease. Plus, the sofa is really comfy to recline on, too, even for tall people. Filled with buckwheat hulls, the cushions are not attached, which makes them suitable to use as pillows, laptop rests and much more.

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  • metal frame with webbing, high-quality polyurethane foam
  • aluminum legs, black.
  • multipurpose cushion