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Sofas Jan des Bouvrie

Jan des Bouvrie's first!


430 Kubus (Cube)

In 1969 Gelderland founder Koene Oberman visited the Good Living furniture shop of the des Bouvrie family in Bussum. Jan - young and ambitious - managed to convince him with his first design sketches. That same year his Gelderland 430 ‘Kubus’ sofa was launched. Jan des Bouvrie would become Holland’s best-known designer and architect. His cubist design was crucial to Gelderland’s success. Over the years, Jan des Bouvrie's pieces of furniture have been rewarded with numerous awards and distinctions and the 430 Kubus sofa is included in the collections of the Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam and the Centraal Museum Utrecht.

  • Detachable cover
  • 7 years warranty on cover fabrics, leather and foam
  • 20 years warranty on wooden frames

Jan des Bouvrie

'In the first place a piece of furniture has to serve a person, to be comfortable, to make you feel good in it'

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7 years warranty

A Gelderland design is manufactured in the Netherlands and will last for years because of our choice of quality materials. Therefore you have a 7 years warranty.

Over Gelderland

hardwood beech frame, steel spring suspension (zig-zag), high-quality polyurethane foam

black plastic feet

black skirting-board

upholstered skirting-board (for leather on request) additional price

Check out all possibilities and dimensions (3) in this series.

430 F 2A W 110 x D 90 x H 65 cm SH 40 SD 58
430 B2 2A W 173 x D 90 x H 65 cm SH 40 SD 58
430 B3 2A W 235 x D 90 x H 65 cm SH 40 SD 58