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Easy chairs Jan des Bouvrie




This chair was originally designed in the eighties. Lately we used it to decorate an office and rediscovered it's versatility: compact, durable and off course comfortable.

  • Detachable covers
  • 7 years warranty on cover fabrics, leather and foam
  • 20 years warranty on wooden frames

Jan des Bouvrie

'In the first place a piece of furniture has to serve a person, to be comfortable, to make you feel good in it'

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7 years warranty

A Gelderland design is manufactured in the Netherlands and will last for years because of our choice of quality materials. Therefore you have a 7 years warranty.

Over Gelderland

hardwood beech frame, steel spring suspension (zig-zag), high-quality polyurethane foam

chromed metal legs

chromed metal legs. brushed

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5215 F 2A W 70 x D 78 x H 69 cm SH 42 SD 55