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5470 - 5770

Easy chairs Jan des Bouvrie



5470 - 5770

The 5470 has become a Gelderland classic. For the design of the seat, Jan des Bouvrie took inspiration from the back part of his favourite car: the Porsche 911. The frame is available in matt and shiny chrome, and in matt black. The wooden rear leg and armrest are available in several colours.

The chair is also available as 5770. The armrest now extends backwards and there is an option for a higher backrest: model 5775. The frame is available in matt and shiny chrome and in matt black. The wooden armrest is available in several colours. Also available with matching ottoman.

  • Detachable covers
  • 20 years warranty on wooden frames
  • 7 years warranty on cover fabrics, leather and foam

Jan des Bouvrie

'In the first place a piece of furniture has to serve a person, to be comfortable, to make you feel good in it'

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The 5470 with 2 wooden legs

The 5775 witch ottoman.

Detachable covers

Almost all Gelderland designs have a detachable cover. If you wish to have your furniture cleaned or, in due time, are interested in a new cover, this can be done.

Over Gelderland

hardwood beech frame, steel spring suspension (zig-zag), high-quality polyurethane foam

beech wood arm pads

chromed steel frame, shining

chromed steel frame, brushed

black frame

beech wood arm pads in all colours:

  • black
  • natural
  • chalk
  • brown

Check out all possibilities and dimensions (3) in this series.

5770 F 2A W 67 x D 87 x H 78 cm SH 38 SD 55
5775 F 2A W 67 x D 87 x H 84 cm SH 38 SD 55
5770 P W 52 x D 57 x H 37 cm SH 37 SD 57