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Sofas Jan des Bouvrie

Casual yet stylish



A modern sofa with a classic look. The 7805 series by Jan des Bouvrie is inviting and comfortable. The generous loose cushions look casual and stylish at the same time. Available as a sofa up to 310 cm wide and as an armchair.

  • detachable covers
  • 7 years warranty on cover fabrics, leather and foam
  • 20 years warranty on wooden frames

Jan des Bouvrie

'In the first place a piece of furniture has to serve a person, to be comfortable, to make you feel good in it'

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Gelderland series Small Squares, designed by Roderick Vos.

7 years warranty

A Gelderland design is manufactured in the Netherlands and will last for years because of our choice of quality materials. Therefore you have a 7 years warranty.

Over Gelderland

hardwood beech frame, steel spring suspension (zig-zag), high-quality polyurethane foam wrapped in a blend of comforel and foam bars

beech wood legs, black

frame B4 exists of 2 parts

2 armcushions included (chair 1 armcushion)

beech wood legs available in cherry, pale, unfinished, wengé and black

Check out all possibilities and dimensions (5) in this series.

7805 F 2A W 130 x D 100 x H 88 cm SH 44 SD 57
7805 B3 2A W 220 x D 100 x H 88 cm SH 44 SD 57
7805 B3,5 2A W 265 x D 100 x H 88 cm SH 44 SD 57
7805 B4 2A W 310 x D 100 x H 88 cm SH 44 SD 57
7805 P W 90 x D 65 x H 44 cm SH 44 SD 0