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Sofas Remy Meijers

Cool elegance



Remy Meijers loves tranquillity in his designs. That is why he does not limit himself to the broad outlines, but also delves into the finer details. After all, a design is only balanced when all the elements are aligned. This applies to his interiors, but also to his furniture. The 7850 sofa, with its wide cantilever base and understated detailing, is both sturdy and elegant at the same time. The 3-seater version of the sofa can be fitted with 2 or 3 back cushions.

  • Detachable covers
  • 7 years warranty on cover fabrics, leather and foam
  • 20 years warranty on wooden frames

Remy Meijers

Remy Meijers likes peace. Especially in his designs. It is therefore not only limited to the broad lines, but also deepens in the smallest details.

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7 years warranty

A Gelderland design is manufactured in the Netherlands and will last for years because of our choice of quality materials. Therefore you have a 7 years warranty .

Over Gelderland

hardwood beech frame, steel spring suspension (zig-zag), high-quality polyurethane foam

cushions filled with high-quality polyurethane foam

sled base in black Epoxy (RAL 9004)

back cushions in 3 seater sofa, your choice: either 2 broad or 3 narrow

Check out all possibilities and dimensions (4) in this series.

7850 LS 2A W 120 x D 90 x H 74 cm SH 43 SD 58
7850 B2,5 2A W 200 x D 90 x H 74 cm SH 43 SD 58
7850 B3 2A W 240 x D 90 x H 74 cm SH 43 SD 58
7855 B3 2A W 240 x D 90 x H 74 cm SH 43 SD 58