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  1. Bart Vos

Bart Vos

Working with Gelderland since januari 2007

Favorite piece of furniture

6401 Woody

"Woody is a typical Gelderland design, functional and simple at the same time. Throughout the years you will only start to love this personal chair more and more".

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About Bart Vos (1969)

Following the successful completion of his studies at the Academy of Visual Arts in The Hague, the Netherlands, Bart Vos was the initiator of the design of the store Vos Interieur in Groningen in 1996. He now is responsible for the overall creative management.

With his agency for interior architecture and product design he realises renowned interiors and exteriors on national and international level. In 2007 Bart started his cooperation with Gelderland in relation to series 7200. “People should be freed of the shackles of interior decoration. Individual ideas are what I experience to be important. Always with respect to environment and personal identity of the users“