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  1. Jan des Bouvrie

Jan des Bouvrie

Working with Gelderland since januari 1969

Favorite piece of furniture

601 Mr Oberman

"Fauteuil Oberman is a remarkable comfortable easy chair. But above all it is a tribute to the founding father of Gelderland, Koene Oberman. Back in the sixties he was the first to give me the chance to develop myself as a product designer. We had a remarkable close and warm relationship."

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About Jan des Bouvrie (1942 - 2020)

After the Rietveld Academy in Amsterdam, Jan des Bouvrie worked in his parents' furniture business. Later he became the owner of a leading interior design institute called the Arsenaal, which has its own design studio.

Over the years, Jan des Bouvrie's designs have won many awards and distinctions, including the Culture Prize in 1974, the Style Prize for his armchair 5470F in 1990 and the Furniture Prize for the seating furniture series 6430 in 1999. Jan des Bouvrie has worked for Gelderland for over 50 years.

Jan des Bouvrie: "A piece of furniture must serve people before anything else, it must be comfortable, you have to feel good in it."