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  1. Scholten & Baijings

Scholten & Baijings

Working with Gelderland since januari 2005

Favorite piece of furniture


"Armchair 7400 we designed in 2009 for Gelderland. A very clean, sleek design; modest in size and not at all dominant. Later, all kinds of variants were introduced. The 7405 with a softer inner shell and later the version with wooden legs for a warm, homy feeling. A whole product family. Everyone does have such a place in the house where you would like to sit down for a minute because the sun there is so nice or to enjoy the streetview. This armchair is all together an elegant solution".

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About Stefan (1972) and Carole (1973)

Scholten & Baijings is a joint venture between Stefan Scholten, who, in 1996, successfully completed his study at the Design Academy in Eindhoven, the Netherlands, and Carole Baijings who is an autodidact in design. In 2000 the duo started their joint venture and their work is characterised by restraint in design and eye for detail. In the year 2005 these designers started working on the Gelderland series 6900. The minimalist design seamlessly fits the Gelderland collection.

Part of their work is brought into the permanent collection of the Central Museum in Utrecht, the Municipal Museum in Amsterdam, the Textile museum in Tilburg, all in the Netherlands, as well as in the Design Museum in Ghent, Belgium. They now have a solid international career and are working for many outstanding brands from there classy studio at the Ruysdaelkade in central Amsterdam.