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Discover Gelderland

It all started in 1936 with the production of strong seats made of cherry wood from the Betuw orchards. The fifties saw the characteristic swing to modern and functional Danish design. While the preference in the seventies was for ‘progressive’, angular cube forms, in the aesthetic eighties the lines became more elegant and the finishing more refined. Then after a brief flirt with more baroque styles in the nineties, under the influence of the metropolitan lounges and the interest in vintage design, the furniture in the last decade again became more austere and tight-lined.


Quality, functionality and an eye for timeless design are the defining features of Gelderland.

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Behind the scenes.

Photography is very important to us. This movie gives a small insight in our latest photoshoot.


The company was originally known as Meubelfabriek Gelderland (Gelderland Furniture Factory) and was set up in Culemborg in 1936 by Mr Oberman. The history of the company leaves no doubt: the cornerstones of the Gelderland organisation as it exists today – innovative design and excellent quality with a strong emphasis on comfort – were there right from the start!

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