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Gelderland; whole generations have grown up with this brand, which represents an attractive portrayal of Dutch design history. It all started in 1936 with the production of strong seats made of cherry wood from the Betuw orchards. The fifties saw the characteristic swing to modern and functional Danish design. While the preference in the seventies was for ‘progressive’, angular cube forms, in the aesthetic eighties the lines became more elegant and the finishing more refined. Then after a brief flirt with more baroque styles in the nineties, under the influence of the metropolitan lounges and the interest in vintage design, the furniture in the last decade again became more austere and tight-lined.

But you cannot just sit on a brand. Ask people what they most appreciate about Gelderland and they answer seated comfort, finishing and durability. That is for good reasons. To be able to live up to the promise of perfection, Gelderland deliberately opts for traditional manufacturing methods and not mass production. All couches and easy chairs are made by hand by experienced craftsmen with love for their profession. Solid wood, foam, steel, fabric, leather; Gelderland only uses high quality materials and keeps the entire production process under its own control. That is also an important motive for designers to work for Gelderland: they have control right down to the smallest detail, from cabinet-making to stitching.

To Gelderland a good design is not a whim or a trend but a necessary condition. In fact, you as the owner of the furnishing not only enjoy a 20-year guarantee on the beechwooden body, but also on the quality of the design. In the second half of the previous century Rob Parry, Jan des Bouvrie and Henk Vos laid the basis for the success. The signatures of designers such as Scholten & Baijings, Bart Vos and Lex Pott are now increasingly determining the appeal of the collection. And the search for new, good designs will continue.

Apart from the design the upholstery is also essential. Gelderland furniture is available in its own selection of beautiful, soft fabrics and leathers. There is also a choice from the collections of Kvadrat, Gabriel and De Ploeg, for example. For furnishing fabrics at Gelderland there is again the criterion that the attractive and the practical may not exclude each other. Carefree living is the aim. Almost all couches and easy chairs are therefore upholstered using a system we devised ourselves whereby covers are fixed in the body with strips. This offers the possibility of cleaning or changing the cover. The beloved couch then changes in the course of the years along with its owners. The factory even regularly receives models tens of years old for a complete renovation. A bigger compliment for durable design is hard to imagine.

Furniture from Gelderland can be found at dedicated home and contract dealers; furniture stores that offer you good advice and the high level of service you appreciate. The furniture factory itself can also be visited by private individuals. In the showroom in Culemborg you can see the whole collection and already experience the unsurpassed comfort of ‘a Gelderland’.