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In 1936 Koene Oberman, son of a Frisian timber merchant, got 200 guilders from his father to start his own business. In Culemborg, with its long tradition of traditional furniture manufacturing, he was one of the first to start serial furniture production. It ushered in the birth of 'Meubelindustrie Gelderland'. From the former locomotive depot at the railway station, Oberman developed Gelderland into a major player. Shortly after the war, he set out in his own jet to achieve international growth and foreign manufacturers took Gelderland models into production.

In the fifties Oberman started hiring external designers. Danish design by Ib Kofod Larssen was produced under licence and Rob Parry created various pieces of furniture. In 1969 Jan des Bouvrie made his debut as furniture designer with the 430 Kubus sofa. Many designers would soon follow, such as Henk Vos and his sons Bart Vos and Roderick Vos, Stefan Scholten & Carole Baijings, Remy Meijers, Lex Pot and Studio Truly Truly. You can safely say that Gelderland offers an attractive sample of Dutch design history.

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