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  1. FAQ


An overview to help you out with the most asked questions. Can't find the answer you need? Please send us an e-mail and you will receive an answer within 2 workingdays.



  • where can I have a look at Gelderland furniture?  You are most welcome in our showroom in Culemborg (NL) and of course at the selected Gelderland dealers.
  • what choice do I have in upholstery? Based on quality and appearance we have selected more than 70 standard fabric and leather choices for you. Any additional wishes can be requested by your Gelderland dealer as customer owned material.  
  • can I order directly at Gelderland? Unfortunately this is, in general, not possible. Your Gelderland dealer is the convenient party to be of help in this. 
  • I wish to re-order a specific part of furniture. Small parts can be ordered directly at Gelderland or at your dealer. Please send us an email and we will get back to you.
  • how long is the lead time? Your funiture is made to order in app. 5-6 weeks. We deliver at your Gelderland dealer who will take care of transport and  installment at your place. If you are curious about what happens in the 6 weeks lead time you will find more informations here. 
  • what is the production location of Gelderland? We produce in Culemborg(NL). Most of our suppliers are based in the direct neighbourhood so you can be assured of a genuine produced Dutch Design!


  •  help, I have a stain on my sofa. The ultimate nightmare of many of us. There is a lot that can be done but please read the maintenance quide before you start using all sorts of cleaning remedies and brushing. Are you still in doubt please contact us or your dealer first. Quite often we see the results of many wrong actions that have made things only worse. Fortunately most Gelderland furniture has a loose cover so you could also take more drastic measures like dry cleaning if needed.
  • what is the best way to maintain my furniture? Of course you will longer enjoy your piece of furniture if well maintained. The most important tips? Keep it from direct sunlight; gently vacuum clean every now and then, clean stains as soon as possible, use leather maintenance once a year and loose cushions should be shaken loose regularly. For all ins and outs please read the maintenance quide.
  • can I order a new cover? Most Gelderland furniture has loose covers that can be renewed in due course if necessary. You can even refresh the foam.
  • what is the cost of a new cover? This of course depends on many things. As a quideline we can say that it will cost approximately 60% of the new price of your sofa. If you also renew the foam this will end up at 80% of the new price. For an price indication in your particular case please send us an email.



  • were do I go for help with service? Your Gelderland dealer is the appropriate party in this. Sometimes they are capable of solving the problem on site. Should this not be the case then they will get in touch with us. Of course we will always try to minimize your inconvenience.