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  1. Gelderlander

Residual material comes to life

Timeless, comfortable, sustainable and reliable. Core values that form the basis for our collection of furniture that has lasted for generations, 85 years to be precise.

When you develop a collection there is always a common denominator. It is anchored in our core values, but especially in our team of dedicated employees: the Gelderlanders. It was not entirely coincidental that designer Christien Mijndertsma discovered a parallel with a famous horse breed: the Gelderlander. A reliable animal, obedient and willing to work, and with a long life expectancy. At Gelderland we use as many durable materials as possible, limit our waste and ensure that our furniture can easily be provided with new upholstery, thus extending its life span. We prefer to throw away as little as possible. With this in mind Christien Mijndertsma came up with ‘Gelderlandertje’. A little horse made of residual materials from our factory in Culemborg.

The Gelderlandertje is available on several locations, through Thomas Eijck www.thomaseyck.com.