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  1. JdB

Jan des Bouvrie 1942 - 2020

On 4 October we received the sad news that designer Jan des Bouvrie (78) past away. The history of Gelderland and the work of Jan are closely intertwined.
In 1969 he broke through with his 430 'Kubusbank' (Cube Sofa) for Gelderland after which numerous designs for our collection would follow. For this we are very grateful to him.

Jan was an acclaimed product designer, interior designer and art collector in one. The heart of all his work is based on symmetry and his desire to reduce things to the simplest form. Jan made the modern, especially white interior accessible to a large audience.

We remember Jan mainly as a creative, special, enjoyable and unique person. We wish Monique, his children and all his other loved ones a lot of strength.